QCMT Quick Change Modular Turning Tool Won MM Modern Manufacturing Innovation Product Award

nty.pngIn order to better leverage the production value of CNC machine tool industry chain for high-end manufacturing and promote the industrial spirit of continuous innovation of Chinese metal processing enterprises, MM "Modern Manufacturing" All Media launched the "MM AWARD China Metal Processing Innovation Product Award" selection activity for the 10th time, targeting the current hot products in the metal processing industry and market, using the CIMT2023 stage of China's largest CNC machine tool exhibition, And a grand award ceremony will be held at the 19th China International Metal Processing Summit Forum held in Beijing on April 12, 2023, with the theme of "Intelligent Learning - Continuous Optimization of the Value Chain".微信图片_20230412175912.jpg


Product characteristics:

Enhanced modular turning tool structure design for the walking machine: The head and rod of the tool bar can be disassembled, assembled as needed, suitable for use in the walking machine, solving the pain point of long tool replacement time when the entire tool bar needs to be removed for the integrated tool bar, and the problem of cumbersome disassembly and assembly.

Enhanced centrifuge modular turning tool: rear pull zero point positioning, radial and axial clamping accuracy of 0.003mm-0.005mm, stable assembly, operators do not need to adjust the tool, only need to twist a few turns of the screw located on the side of the tool rod to disassemble, assemble, and use, saving time for tool replacement and adjustment, convenient and efficient operation.

Innovation points:

The modular turning tool of the enhanced walking machine has a modular and split design for the head and rod of the tool bar, which can effectively and quickly achieve alignment and positioning, achieving the use effect of rapid replacement and assembly, and making the operation more convenient.

The enhanced modular turning tool for the walking machine has been introduced in the second generation according to market application needs. The V-shaped surface and end face are tightly attached on both sides, seamlessly fitting, with both precision and rigidity, meeting a wider range of processing needs, capable of both rough and fine machining.

Market performance:

Since its release and launch into the market, this product has solved the problem of reducing the inventory and tool change time of traditional integrated tool holders in factories, and the tool change speed is 4 to 10 times faster than traditional ones; The disassembly and positioning accuracy is high, and a new tool head has been replaced. After installation, there is no need to readjust the tool, reducing the adjustment time after changing the tool, reducing the product adjustment defect rate, and greatly improving the processing efficiency. It has also been


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